We offer bike rental service here in Spain, We are based in Andalusia and cover a vast area of Malaga, Marbella, Mijas and other locations

We have chosen the Pinarello FP2 and Felt Women’s ZW95 as our rental bike of choice. They are very fast and easy to drive. These bikes are ready to tackle everything you throw at it and bring you home in comfort. Climbing,descending and just cruising along this bike has your back.A lot of customers have used them and they reported great comfort, stability and fast handling over our varied Marbella terrain, great little climber and fast descender while maintaining good speed over flat roads.
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Pinerello FP2
Cycle Marbella in style, rent one of our effortlessly cool Pinarellos!
Felt Women's ZW95
Great comfort, stability, and fast handling over our varied Marbella Terrain.